We seek to make what we do arise from who we are in Christ, and to do what Christ would do.

Our Identity...

  • we have been renewed in our lives by a gracious and kind God, not by our own hard work and self-help
  • we are individuals and communities of shared hopes, graced and guided by God, formed and transformed by the Spirit of Jesus, reconciling us to one another and others to God
  • we are people of God's peace participating with God's work of peacebuilding, reconciliation, and justice
  • we understand our lives are interconnected by the Spirit of God, we care, support, and enjoy one another as friends, playmates, and co-workers in the ways of God
  • we are small: our lives are tiny, fleeting, and chaos seems close, but we are not threatened - but God is big and we are connected to the Creator of the universe, embraced by eternity and granted meaning by virtue of a kind God

Our calling...

  • to create, with God's help, safe and sacred places in the midst of our busy lives. 
  • to open ourselves to relationship, friendships, and lifestyles and make "church" a relationship that heals, strengthens, and restores; not just a place to go.
  • to connect those who have been called by God to relate in new and untried patterns, and build relationships in the universal body of Christ.

We want to work with God...

  • in creating churches that meet the basic New Testament criteria: a group of people, gathered in the name of Christ, called out from the world's way of doing things to a kingdom-of-God-way, to mutually encourage each other to grow in love for God and people.